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Official Logo of Political bakbakThe Sole purpose of, ‘Political Bakbak’ is to expose the dirty politics our politicians resort to. When we say dirty politics, it is just not gimmicks politicians use but also the false statements, lies, polarisation over religion, cast and other beliefs. India has always been one of the greatest countries of the world for centuries. We are very proud of our country for it’s ‘Unity in Diversity’. This very thing is under threat by these so-called ‘Janata ke Sevak’. We cannot and must not allow this to happen.

Every one of us has preferences when it comes to political parties and leaders. And that is really ok. But we should not forget that for us, the country comes first. We have our own understanding of what is good and bad. We should remain true to ourselves in order to not to carried away by speeches and tall promises of our leaders.

Indians are very emotional souls. We cannot even tolerate the criticm of our favrite politician. That is very bad for our nation. We have to remember that we vote for leaders thinking that they would work for the welfare of our society. Everyone of us has right to question these very people we elected. When someone ask the legitimate questions, we should not question those who are asking questions. It has been observed that once elected, these representative start behaving like VIPs. We also support this very culture directly and indirectly.

We, Political Bakbak, are not here to spy, we are not here to do any kind f sting operations. ‘Political Bakbak’ is here to do the postmortem of statements our politicians make. We are here to expose the lies of politicians with facts. We are here to make people aware of dirty politics of political parties. Questions need to be asked about promises that are made by our leaders. We have to question the policies of our government.

Our constitution gives us a lot of pwer and it has to be utilised for the better India. India has the potential to be the best country in the world despite having mammoth population. What is holding it back from becoming the best in the world is lack of transperancy, political will and irresponsible citizens like us.

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