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Why are we, ‘Political Bakbak’ here?

pic by unsplash.comAs you all know it, India is gearing up for general elections of 2019. Indian politics has stooped all time low. Every political party in India is and will be trying all dirty tricks in their books to come to power. They are going to any length and stoop to the lowest to convince you to vote for them. Deceits, lies will be all over social media platforms. There will be flood of fake news. It is going to be tough for you and us to choose the right from the wrong, fake from the real and lie from the truth. Our political leaders have already crossed all the limits when it comes to fake promises and lies. They are spending thousands of crores of rupees just to make you believe what information they are sending out from their IT cell is true which is far from the truth.

We, as a citizen of India have responsibility towards building a better India and it starts with electing deserving, good candidates in elections. We need to improve the condition of Indian politics. We don’t have many options when it comes to choosing the party to vote for. We have history of changing our preferences when it comes to party we vote for. If we vote for ‘A’ party this election, next election we vote for ‘B’ party. Have you ever wondered why do we do so? Reason is simple, we look for change and when we are disappointed in one party, we see hopes in another party who makes tall promises or keep showing us how party in power is useless and corrupt. It is not entirely wrong. Only option we have is to choose the lesser evil. This has to change.

By Political Bakbak

What do we, ‘Political Bakbak’ want to change, what do we want from Indian Politics?

  • We want political parties to change the way they conduct themselves. We want them to stop making irresponsible, baseless statements. We want to stop political parties mud-slinging. They are to behave like a gentleman. They are too behave cultured.
  • We want political parties to stop insulting the dead. Insulting dead is not our culture. Talk about present, real issues and not irrelevant things from past decades.
  • We, Indians are taken for granted by almost all political parties. Candidate who comes begging for votes, folding hands suddenly becomes VIP once elected. They become unreachable. They become supreme. When we expect them to do some work for us, they expect us to beg for it. This is the fact nobody can deny. Time is come to change this. In past also, voices were raised against this VIP culture but our leaders are so used to this VIP treatment that they simply ignore these voices. They all come together to destroy any sort of movement arising for this cause. We need to change this.
  • We want better India. We want to send very clear and loud message to all political parties, leaders and aspiring candidates that we are not be fooled again. In past you have fooled us. We are not fools but we trusted you. You were not smarter than us but you were shameless and arrogant. Stop this and Behave. We are not going to tolerate this anymore. You are answerable to us and you will have to answer for every action of yours that concerns us.
  • We are promised lot of things before elections. We want to know how that is going to be fulfilled. We want to know the plan of action beforehand. We want to audit the every promise that is made in manifesto. We want to know the progress and status of every promise made. And we want parties to quit if promise is not fulfilled.
  • We want to demand certain things before elections. We want to tell candidates about our issues and expected solutions once they are elected. We want them to fulfill the promise we asked for. We want them to quit if they fail to fulfill it.
  • We want candidate and political parties to promise us to meet us in our constituency to review the work they are undertaking. We want them to talk to us every month. We want elected candidate to show up in constituency every month to answer and to listen to the issues of people.
  • We want to make people aware of their rights. Educate them about various laws they should be aware of. We want every sensible citizen of India to be aware of and ‘How to use’ those laws to keep check on the government in power, for example RTI

by Political bakbak

  • We want people to speak their mind, raise their voice against any injustice done to them or their family or neighbors. We want to give platform to the people to write, express their views and issues in their own words.
  • We want people to verify facts regarding statements made by our politicians before they react even on social media.
  • We want sincere Indians to jump in Indian politics and stop blaming the system. We want more and more good, educated people to be in Indian Politics
  • We want people to understand the way Indian politics is done by our politicians in order to live in harmony with their neighbors irrespective of the cast, religion, financial status etc.
  • We want India the way world knows it for centuries as far as our culture is concerned, as far as our social fabric is concerned.
  • We want our India progresses, developed but not at cost of social fabric being destroyed.

It is our appeal to people of our India to not to be blind when following any leader. That is the purpose behind this blog. If you wish to write or express your opinion, we will give you space that you require, the platform you require, contact us. Please follow and share our page on the Facebook, ‘Political Bakbak‘.

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Jai Hind!

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